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Private video chat

Private video chat in your browser, with video broadcasting, screen-sharing, home-monitoring and file transfer.
No advertising
babelCam is completely free of advertising.
No data collection
babelCam does not collect data about you nor seek to use your information in any way. Your email address is used only for registration and support and you are not required make a public profile.
Absolute privacy
webRTC (Real-Time-Communication) technology connects two or more browsers directly together and communication streams peer-to-peer without touching any web servers. Data is encrypted before transmission and can only be understood by the intended receiver. webRTC communications are therefore completely private.

Video Recording

Record the stream from your webcam, record incoming calls, record streams from screen-shares and video-files. Record video messages for Auto-Answer and for products and services.

Video Streaming

Stream video files from your computer for Auto Answer and for products and services.

Screen sharing

Share your screen while in a call to show exactly what you are seeing and talking about. Great for teaching, support or demonstrations.

Home Monitoring

Start babelCam on your home computer and point your webcam at the view you want to monitor. Use the same log in on your phone or tablet and call "Home". Your home computer will start its webcam and send you the stream.

File Transfer

Send files at incredible speeds over the peer-to-peer connection between your computer and your your chat-partner's.
How can it be free?
babelCam is a project of software developers We are working to master webRTC technology, and we can learn a lot from having many users in the system while we build onwards and develop new ways of using webRTC. One day, we may decide to charge for babelCam, but we will allow all pre-existing users to continue for free, as a reward for your early support.
Contact babelCam
Every account has a contact named babelCam - this is your support line. Call babelCam any time you need to.
General information about babelCam and answers to frequently asked quastions.